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Open Court Reading

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A program that provides elementary grade children with a positive and effective early academic experience and strong, research-based foundation in learning to read by using a set curriculum, training teachers in diagnostics and assessment, and emphasizing professional development in order to reach all learners and prevent struggling readers later.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

  • McGraw-Hill Education recommends initial implementation training for each teacher. This one-day training covers program materials, the structure and management of Open Court Reading, and the most effective teaching strategies for the curriculum.
  • Following the initial training, McGraw-Hill Education can provide support to schools through site visits designed to ensure Open Court Reading is implemented effectively. Curriculum specialists can provide classroom demonstrations for individuals or groups of teachers, followed by debriefing sessions to discuss the content, teaching techniques, and observations. Grade level and faculty meetings are used to address specific content needs of the staff. Representatives from McGraw-Hill Education work individually with districts to determine the number of training days required depending on the grades purchased and number of educators participating.
  • The costs of initial and follow-up training are negotiated with purchase of materials, but are generally billed at $2,500 per day for a curriculum specialist.
  • The Online Professional Learning Environment provides free 24/7 support throughout the implementation.

Curriculum and Materials

The curriculum price ranges from $108-150 per student and the price for materials ranges from $597-1200 per classroom.


If customers purchase the student materials in a package, they will receive 6-year student licenses to access the online student material. Licenses of different lengths are available for purchase.

Other Start-Up Costs

The ideal classroom for Open Court Reading would have the ability to have a separate space for a workshop or be able to transform the classroom into a workshop area. The earlier grades should have a group reading area, typically a carpeted area, to utilize the Big Books in a meaningful way.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

If the school decides to purchase student workbooks, they need to purchase new workbooks annually. The Skills Practice and Lesson/Unit Assessment come in workbook format. Workbooks currently cost approximately $10 per student. Teachers will receive blackline masters and if they prefer to only use those, they can.


Qualifications: Lead teachers and teachers delivering the intervention are typically certified teachers.

Ratios: Open Court Reading is typically delivered in a regular classroom setting so would be implemented at the student to teacher ratios in the District.

Other Implementation Costs


Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

The Online Professional Learning Environment provides free 24/7 support throughout the implementation. If needed, Districts can purchase additional support from McGraw-Hill Education at the cost of $2,500/day/curriculum specialist.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

There is no required fidelity monitoring and evaluation fee, but if sites want support for fidelity monitoring, they can purchase support at the cost of $2,500 per day.

Ongoing License Fees

The teacher package and the student packages come with a 6-year license to access the online Open Court Reading assets. If the school decides to purchase a shorter subscription or the 6 years is up, they will have to renew their subscription.

Other Implementation Support and Fidelity Monitoring Costs



Year One Cost Example

The following example is for a District implementing Open Court Reading in 4 elementary schools for grades K – 3, with 640 students and 32 teachers. The cost of teacher staff time is not included in the estimate as it is assumed that the District is implementing the program as part of its core curriculum during the school day.

Teacher Training (2 trainings x $2500 per day)
Travel reimbursement for Trainers
Curricula ($130 X 640 students)
Classroom Materials ($900 X 32 classrooms)
Site Visit from Curriculum Specialist ($2500 x 4 schools)
Travel Reimbursement for Curriculum Specialist

Total Year One Cost

With 640 students served in the first year, the cost per student would be $204 per student. Note that the cost of the intervention would decline significantly beyond the first year of implementation after the initial curricula and training costs have been paid.