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Head Start REDI

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An enrichment intervention integrated into the existing framework of Head Start programs using the High/Scope or Creative Curriculum.

Initial Training and Technical Assistance

Initial teacher training is available through PATHS Worldwide, LLC:

$6000 for 3-days of initial training ($2000 per day) plus trainer travel costs, for up to 40 teachers. This is usually divided into an initial 2-day training and a mid-year 1-day booster. If local coaches are trained, there is an added 1 day of training for coaches before the teacher training ($2000).

Curriculum and Materials

Costs per classroom are as follows:

$839 – Preschool PATHS Curriculum
$ 45 – Language and Literacy Curriculum (printing cost)
$ 50 – Lakeshore Learning Alphabet Sounds Photo Library
$425 – Books for Interactive Reading Program

To use REDI, the Preschool PATHS manual must be purchased from Channing-Bete The additional language and literacy intervention components can be downloaded from the REDI web-site at no cost and printed. Information available at Like the PATHS lessons, these lessons provide detailed information and illustrative scripts for teachers to help them teach lessons with fidelity. These additional curriculum components are formatted in a manner parallel to Preschool PATHS, with weekly manual inserts containing the REDI language and literacy intervention components that can be inserted into (or used with) the PATHS manual.



Other Start-Up Costs

A local coach is recommended for at least the first year. Coaches are usually teachers or program supervisors who have received special training. Cost for coach training and support are indicated in the training section.

The program is implemented in the classroom, so no additional space is required. In most cases, initial planning can be done via telephone and/or email consultation. No cost, unless extensive consultation is required.

Ongoing Curriculum and Materials

All curriculum materials are re-usable in subsequent years. $100 per year per classroom is needed for photocopying PATHS Curriculum activity sheets, and purchasing program material replacements (e.g., feeling faces, turtle stickers). Templates are provided for the site to make their own feeling faces for cost savings.


Program is delivered by classroom teachers. REDI requires about 3.5 hours per week (30-60 minutes per day.) PATHS lessons are taught once per week (20 minutes), interactive reading occurs 5 times per week (20 minutes each lesson), sound games are taught 3 times per week (10-15 minutes each lesson), and print centers are open at least 3 times per week.

To sustain REDI over time, we recommend the training of local coaches (program supervisors, master teachers) to support teachers in program administration, and sustain the program when teachers turn over. This coaching can be integrated with other responsibilities, but requires additional time in training and for program review with teachers. A full-time coach can typically support 10-12 classrooms.

Other Implementation Costs

In the first year, a local coach should expect to spend about 1 hour per week per classroom supporting teacher’s program implementation.

Ongoing Training and Technical Assistance

If desired, booster trainings are available at $2000 per day plus trainer travel costs. Technical assistance by email and phone is available from PATHS Education Worldwide, LLC. When coaches are used, funds should be budgeted for annual site visits by national trainers at a cost of $4000 for two consecutive days plus travel.

Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation

The local coach takes the lead in fidelity monitoring. If a site does not have a local coach, a local coordinator should be designated who is responsible for fidelity monitoring.

There is a set of implementation measures that are designed to guide a teacher in the implementation process and support self-monitoring, as well as measures designed for a coach or trained administrator to use to monitor REDI implementation fidelity and quality.

Ongoing License Fees


The size of implementation is key to lowering costs. Training many teachers at one time is most cost effective. There are also bulk discounts on the Preschool PATHS Curriculum.

Year One Cost Example

This example assumes a Head Start center implements the REDI Classroom Program in three classrooms, each with 17 students. A local coach, in a 25%-time position, is trained to monitor fidelity to the program and promote future sustainability. The coach is supported with a site visit by a national trainer, timed to coincide with the booster training.

Teacher Training: 2-day initial, 1-day booster
Coach Training: 1-day
Trainer Travel: initial and booster
Coach Salary: .25 FTE
Preschool PATHS Curriculum: $839 x 3
Language and Literacy Curriculum printing: $45 x 3
Lakeshore Learning Alphabet Sounds Photo Library printing: $50 x 3
Books for Interactive Reading Program: $425 X 3
Site Visit by National Trainer: 2-day

Total Year One Cost

With 3 classrooms of 17 students each, the REDI program would serve 51 students in the first year. The Year One cost per student would be $599.55.